Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thinking back

My internet has been pretty hit-or-miss lately, due to a problem with our router, so I haven't been able to connect with my laptop much to blog. Since it's been so long since I've posted anything, I was wondering what I could post in place of all the pics waiting to load to the laptop.

Lately I've been thinking how strange it will seem to have a baby boy again. Ethan just turned seven last month, so it's been a while. Since then we've had our girls, Kaliyan and Ruby. I admit I've gotten used to pink around here! Ethan loves his sisters dearly, but he is excited to have a brother finally. (He used to tell us that he didn't want a baby brother ever, because he loves Kibby and Ruby too much. We had to laugh when we realized he thought he'd have to trade one of them for a baby brother! We assured him it didn't work that way.) :)

So, I've been searching through bins of old baby clothes, trying to find anything remotely "boy" that I might have kept. There wasn't much! A friend of mine had a garage sale last September and I sold a lot of my stuff there. Thankfully, our bassinet and exersaucer didn't sell, so I still have those things. And lots of pink clothes. :)

Then last month when I was visiting my sister in WI, she hauls out this large bin of baby boy clothes from a friend of ours who has 2 boys and is not having any more kids... Perfect! I sorted through and came home with a big bag of NON-PINK clothes! Not all of it is newborn - sized, so I still have a bit of shopping to do, but it's a start, and every bit helps. (Thanks, Carrie!)

And, looking back, as I've been doing a lot of lately... I came across this picture that I thought I'd share. Guess who! (Hint, I'm the one in the pink, not the baby!)