Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hamburger or Turtle?

Well hello there! Yes, I know, it's been a while once again. I've been fighting a nasty cold, including some major chest congestion with sore sinuses, ears and throat... I hope none of you get this particular cold (but since you're just reading this from afar, you're probably not going to catch it from me, at least!)

So do I have anything newsworthy to share? Hm, I just might!

Today was my anatomy ultrasound! I am 18 weeks, and I am happy to report that everything looked fine and dandy with the baby! Whew! It's always a relief to hear that at this point, everything appears healthy. I think I've been more anxious with each baby I've had, and always seem to rest easier after the ultrasound.

The technician we had was the same one we had with Kibby. I remembered that when we asked to find out the baby's gender, he explained to us that for girls they look for 3 lines, or a "hamburger", and for boys they look for the "turtle". I found that amusing, and he used the same references today when we asked him to try to discover this baby's gender.

Any guesses? Did he see a hamburger or a turtle?

I'd tell you now, but I think it would only be fair and right to let my family know first, before announcing here... You know, don't want any hard feelings. ;)

I promise I will make the announcement within a day or two, but until then, leave me a comment with your guess! Come on, you have a 50/50 shot of being right!

"Baby Mango"


Annie Bobbie said...

I am hoping for another little nephew, but just in case you were told it was a *hamburger*, I will be happy with either! :) (I do hope for a boy, though.)

jpandtheboys said...

You're a butthead!!

Ok Ok.. fine I guess it's only fair that your family know first. **pouting**

I think it's a turtle.

Allison said...

hamburger or turtle? doesn't that instill such a sense of confidence in their high level of technical training... :)

but I think...turtle! or maybe a hamburger? or a turtle eating a hamburger...? (umm probably not so much in this context...)

Wendy said...

I'm guessing by the picture it's a baby... :-) Am I right? Ha... I'm thinking another girl...