Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Week

Ean is already one week old. Wow. Actually, he was a week old yesterday, but I didn't have time to put up a post then. I don't really have time now, either, but wanted to post a picture or two.

Or five. :)

So tiny!

Look Mom! A smile!

Sleeping on Mommy.

Listening to Ethan talk to him.

First shot of all four kids together. Of course Ean wasn't looking, Ruby's clothes have water dripped on them, and Kibby is displaying her newly-found wacky fashion sense... but I couldn't take another at the time because my memory card was full! I do think it accurately conveys how crazy life is right now, though, so it's definitely a keeper! :)


Jen said...

Ean is beautiful! Can't wait to meet him. See you Monday evening with a meal:)

pam said...

great shot of all four kids.

Congratulations!!! Beautiful family