Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Moms


So, today I see that MckMama posted another "Out of the Mouths of Moms" post on her blog. I LOVE this. Honestly, I should really start keeping better track of the things I hear myself saying to my kids. I was just thinking the other day: "Oh, that would be a GOOD one for a Out of the Mouths of Moms post!!"

And so here's my chance to write about it.

Except I can't remember most of them! Ugh! I'm going to designate a notebook for just this!

Here are some that I do remember...

"Because it's not okay to play outside without clothes on! Yes, even in the pool. That is what your swimming suit is for. Yes, I know I have to wash it, but that doesn't mean you can go without one! Here's a towel. Let's cover up and go inside and put some dry clothes on. Yes, because the neighbors do not need to see your bare bottom." (Repeat a few days later. Sigh.)

"No, Baby Ean doesn't like it when you poke his eyes. Yes, that is why he is crying. You wouldn't like to have your eyes poked at either, would you? No, you wouldn't. No, really, you wouldn't. It would hurt. Hey, stop poking your eyes! WHAT DID I JUST TELL YOU?!?!"

"Sorry, we can't have your birthday party at Sea World. Yes, you're right, it would be a little pricey." (We live nowhere near Florida!)

"Because that what Kleenex is for. Yes, I know I can just vacuum again, but I don't want to. Please get a Kleenex."

"No, Ruby, that isn't Yoda. It's a picture of your cousin!"

"No, we don't eat Play-Doh. Because it's not food. I know it's purple and you like purple, but it is still not okay to eat it!"

"Please put your clothes back on." (repeat several times daily).

"Kibby, we don't talk like that. No, I don't think princesses talk like that, either. Why is that funny?"

"No, Daddy did not puke. Please stop saying that. I don't think Daddy has ever puked. What in the world brought that up?"

"Why did you yell at Ethan to 'go to China'? Are you mad at him? Do you even know where China is? Where do you learn this stuff?!"

"Yes, I know you tooted. Because I heard it. What should you say? No, not that. Do you remember what to say? No, not that! (sigh) Please say excuse me!"

"Yes, Baby Ean is cute when he sneezes, and I know the sudden bright light makes him sneeze, but you can't keep turning on the light when he is trying to sleep just so he will have a sneeze-attack. Because it's not nice, that's why!"

Okay, so maybe I remembered more than I thought I would!

What have you heard yourself saying lately that you never thought you'd hear leave your mouth? Please share! :)

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Ellen said...

"No, you cannot buy a missile tower."

"We don't allow that spell in our house!" (After a friend of Josiah's pretended to cast a "crucio" spell. We're in the Harry Potter phase).

"Get your foot out of the potty! Why would you DO that?!"

Oh, I wish I could remember more! Sometimes I say the weirdest things in response to the usual things our kids do!