Thursday, August 27, 2009

Appointments Appointments

Warning: Post may contain typos... Proceed with caution.

Or mercy, at least, please. :) I'm exhausted, but wanted to update everyone.

Yesterday was Kibby's appointment with her pediatrician. She did a 3-year check up and when I told her about how the early childhood screening went (well, didn't go) she agreed with my concerns and 50 minutes later we left with three pending appointments. One with an audiologist, although both the doc and I agree that we doubt this is part of the problem - it's certainly good to rule it out, if nothing else. Especially since she's never had a hearing test (except the newborn one, which she passed fine.)
The second appointment is with a speech / language therapist. Again, her speech is fine, but it's her use of language that will be evaluated.
The third is a more in-depth evaluation with a development / behavioral ... hm, what is their title? Specialist? I guess I don't know! With someone in that department, anyway!

After I posted this on Facebook, one of my friends commented that they had been through this stuff with their little boy and none of it was covered by their insurance and it wasn't cheap...


Well, I am hoping this is all covered. Otherwise I'll have to cancel and we'll have to find another way to help her. I'll do some checking later today. Her first appointment isn't until Sept. 9th, and the second one is later in the month. I am thinking the audiologist appointment should be covered at least, since she's never had a screening done. I guess I'll find out! Insurance companies can be such a hassle. Ugh.

More updates later. My bed is calling me. I don't sleep well these days, especially on nights I work, like last night. It's hard to get comfy on an old couch when you have a large belly and sciatica pains, so my own bed is sounding wonderful right now! (And since all 3 kiddos are still snoozing, I'm taking advantage of it!)


Wendy said...

I'm praying for you guys Susan. Hopefully everything will be covered.

jpandtheboys said...

That sounds like a lot to deal with and process. I will be praying for Kibby and for you. **hugs** In the meantime I hope you can get some rest.

Joy said...

My son has autism and all of his evaluations were done through AEA (area education agency) I wonder if that would be available to you? We paid nothing for his audiologist, psychologist, nutritionist, occupational therapist, and special education specialist. We had a great team of people and paid nothing. I hope that is an option for you.

The Toftness Times said...

Hi, I found your blog from one of McMama's forums. I read through your concern about going through the transition phase and to be honest all three of mine have been with an epidural so I don't have any advice. However, I have a friend who used Hypnobabies. It is some sort breathing, music, distraction sort of thing that she swears by. Her first was an AWFUL experience (no hypnobabies) and her second was amazing she said using hypnobabies. I just thought I would throw it out there for you. The website is Best of luck to you!!