Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artist or Stinker?

You know you've all had those days, too. When you turn your back for a minute (or five) and all Jello breaks loose?

Only this isn't Jello.

But it may be harder to clean?

Here's a look at some of Kibby's latest "artwork". You tell me, Artist or Stinker?

She looks so proud of herself, here, too. (For the record, the ink washed off fairly easily!)

Sigh. What am I going to do with this girl?

Maybe I should start with keeping a closer eye on her, huh?


Ter said...

encourage the drawing but make a point of saying that while you love her artwork, it must be on paper only. Does she have an easel? I definitely think she has artist potential so you don't want to lose that aspect. :)

Momma Mango said...

Hi Ter! She does have an easel... it's for markers (she likes to marker on herself, too!) but it has 2 clips on top, so I think I could put paper on it. Good idea. When I give her crayons at the table, she mostly peels the paper off them and doesn't draw much.

Can't wait for the finger painting. ;)

purejoy said...

i never had any "performance" artists. . . so i'm not much help. maybe you could have a stash of paper that she can go to anytime she feels the "urge"
or you could paint some blackboard paint on a wall and keep a stash of chalk when she feels the need to decorate the wall.
i love that she's creative (and proud of her accomplishments!) and i agree with ter. paper only, please!

Wendy said...

You're gonna need stock in Magic Erasers or a bunch of frames to honor the wall art... I'll let you decide which. Maybe she'll be a tattoo artist one day! :-)

jpandtheboys said...

I guess I need to do the same thing, watch Brody closer. The difference between your wall and mine, it won't come off. :) Yikes.

Sarah said...

Opps! My, my...she is an artist and is expressing herself. However, Mom and Dad need their walls to remain untouched, huh?

Sorry that you had to go through that. Maybe you could turn those walls into all decked out kid's art? or...maybe not. m'kay.

OH, by the way...I got the stroller off of craigslist. Otherwise, it is a Big Caboose stroller from Joovy. They are very expensive, but totally worth the bill. I love that all three little ones can ride in the stroller. I sold a new Jeep Jogger, and paid the difference to the seller on Craigslist.

How are you feeling these days?