Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and end-of-the-year stuff

It's January 2nd already, and I haven't posted any Christmas pictures! Hopefully the "busyness" is behind us now. I have been meaning to post for about a week and there has always been something else to do, it seems.

I tried to take pictures of the kids in their Christmas outfits this year... No small feat! I didn't notice that I had my camera set on the wrong setting until about half-way through because I was trying to hurry. So, half of the pictures turned out a bit blurry, and by the time I noticed and changed the setting, the kids were not very cooperative! Here is the best of what I got:

"Pleeeeeease, Santa????" :)

We spe
nt Christmas Eve at Seth's brother's house. Yummy food and many excited kids! :)

Again, my kids were SO cooperative! They love the camera!
Here is us, with Seth's brother and his wife's family. You can see a better picture on the blog Confessions of an Oxymoron, which is Seth's brother's wife's brother's wife's blog!!! Say that five times fast!!! :D

Also, the Pumpkin Fairy made an appearance... (Kibby had to change into this as soon as she unwrapped it!)

When we got home, we set out cookies and milk and tried - for about an hour - to get the kids to bed. Finally, around midnight they went...But at least they were nice and let us sleep in until 9:15!!

Here is a picture of the gift opening on Christmas morning:

I think I have reached the limit for pictures in this post... next post will be our trip to Wisconsin for Christmas with my family! :)

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Ter said...

your kids are cute, even if they aren't cooperative. ;)