Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Profoundly Seth - Fundraiser!

***UPDATE - Link fixed! Sorry about that! Thanks, Pam for bringing it to my attention! :) ***

Ok, I have to say right away, to avoid confusion for those who know me and my family in real life, that this post is NOT about my husband, Seth. :)

It's about a sweet little 6-month-old baby named Seth who is deaf and needs surgery. (Cochlear implants.) You may have noticed his picture on my sidebar for a few weeks now.

Please take time to visit Seth's website to read all about this cutie and his family. They are selling wristbands for Seth to help offset the cost of his surgery, and you can find out all about how to support them in the coming months!

And how to get your own wristband. :)


Wendy said...

Susan...this is one thing I really like about you... You have a heart for others... I love that

pam said...

I will check in on this family.

Thanks for bringing them to my attention.

pam said...

I tried to link to Seth's site and I can't get there. Do you have another way to get there?

El said...

Thanks for posting about Seth, Susan! You're the best! =) I will need a picture of you though, not just an arm!!! =P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting us the wristbands, too. We wear them every day!