Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Not Me! Monday time!

Hey, if you're new to Not Me! Mondays, head over to MckMama's blog to play along. She created this fun "blog carnival" for all of us to share all of our great and not-so-great moments each week, being "brutally honest" as she puts it... Ah, Mondays. Free therapy and belly laughs. What could be better on a Monday?

This week has not been a week of sickness in our household. Ethan did not get the stomach bug and have to come home from school on Wednesday. He did not puke in the hall at school while tying his shoes. He was better on Thursday but I did not keep him home anyway since he had been sick the night before... However, on Thursday his little cough that he had had for a few days did not suddenly worsen and I could not see the start of a possible full blown cold. (Which for Ethan usually does not mean asthma with it.) Wonderful. So I did not keep him home Friday, too.

I did not ponder when I had my last cold, and I certainly didn't get a little happy when I realized that I can actually take medicine the next time I get one! (No nursing baby = NyQuil here I come!)

I did not wake up with a scratchy throat and congested sinuses this morning and wonder what the heck I had gotten so excited about... sick is sick, and its never fun, medicine or not. Duh.

Kibby did not wake up at 1AM Sunday throwing up in her bed. This was not extra disgusting because she had eaten a bunch of rich chocolate cake at her cousin's birthday party earlier that evening. I was not irritated that she threw up during movie time with the hubby. She did not scream like a panther when hubby had to give her a shower to wash the nasty stuff out of her hair.

I am not praying that Ruby is spared of this yucky bug. (Well, no, that's really not true, I feel terrible typing that! I really am hoping and praying she doesn't get it. She's so tiny, she needs all the calories she can get!)

What did you not do this week? Jump over to MckMama's to find out how to play along!


pam said...

I hope your home recovers from all this illness. It went through out house and took a good three weeks for everyone to be back to normal.

Wendy said...

Oh Susan... :-( Not fun...Not fun at all!

jpandtheboys said...

I am so sorry. We have been dealing with sickness too but at least no stomach bugs. BUT what felt like the worst cold ever and of course I couldn't take anything for it so I totally envy you for being able to take nyquil. Now there is something I never thought I would say. Good night. Hope everyone is on the mend.

amanda said...

no fun. if it makes you feel better no one is sick at my house either. :0)