Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Hey, it's Monday! Time to share our Not Me! Stories... Please head over to MckMama's to read everyone else's, and play along. You'll feel so much better after you do. :)

Alrighty. Let's get to it...

This week, I did not go nuts cleaning my house with disinfectant spray and cleaners to make sure all the yucky germs from the past weeks' sicknesses were wiped out. Seriously, is it Spring yet?

I do not have a ginormous case of Spring Fever.

I did not let my 3-year-old run around the house half naked a few times this past week, since she is potty training and thinks that anything on her bottom is fair game to pee in.

I have not nearly memorized one of the Cambodian karaoke DVDs we own (even though I do not speak Khmer! No, I really don't!) due to my daughter wanting to watch "the Sing-ging" about 37 times a day.

I have not grown tired of listening to Elmo laugh incessantly like a little red maniac over and over this week.

I have not once mentally kicked myself for buying the Elmo Hot Tomato game for my daughter for her birthday because it was on clearance after Christmas and she likes Elmo... If only I could have foreseen my agony...

I did not spend nearly a half hour in my vehicle reinstalling my daughter's car seat on Friday after her doctor appointment when I learned she was only 18.3 lbs and should definitely not be front facing yet... We were not sitting in the parking lot with my daughter temporarily buckled into her older sister's car seat while I pulled and pressed and knelt on and fought with the seat belt to try to get her seat in properly.

The windows did not steam up, and I did not get any weird looks from curious passersby.

I did not let my son spend all day in his pajamas on Saturday, including him spending two hours outside sledding with only his pajamas under his snowpants, coat, boots, hat, gloves...

...and now, after not attempting for FOUR FREAKIN' HOURS to write this post on a Monday morning (now afternoon), I am not a bit bummed that I likely have ZERO hope of making it to the top 300 of MckMama's Mr. Linky...

And I do not need a nap.


Meg B....that's me! said...

I totally understand the carseat installation. I am a carseat freak and whenever I have kiddos in my car I am super picky how their seats are installed!
You made into MckMama's Top 300 too! Hooray!

Holly said...

LOl at the Elmo and the Cambodian karaoke! Sounds like your life is a lot more exciting than mine, haha!

pam said...

I love elmo too!!

Sarah said...

It is hard to blog th small children, almost impossible somedays.

Our Doc told us we could have Maddie foward facing before she was #20, because it can actually be harder on their legs if there is an accident. Maddie is my small, pint-size dolly, and we had her face-forward early.

Nathaniel was a total ELmo lover, and I did get tired of him, too. Maddie loves Elmo, but Caleb~ not so much. Usually Caleb watches what he wants, and Maddie just tolerates it.

I should do a NOT ME one of these Mondays.

Sarah said...

Where oh Where are you, Susan? Feeling OK?