Friday, February 20, 2009

At Least Two Words Besides Momma and Dadda...

Today Ruby had her 15-month check-up and shots. I'm a little late getting her in for this due to all of the sickness and crud going around our house. She will be 16 months in less than a week. But apparently that is just fine.

And so is she! She weighed 18.3 lbs, so she is still in the "less than 3 percentile". The doctor wants to see her back at 18 months, but seems to think she is healthy, but may be be smaller due to genes from Seth. (Sorry, Hon!) :)

The doctor then asked all the typical questions, like what is she drinking, how is her eating and sleeping, etc. All normal. Then she asked about her words. I told her that she says, "Hi, Bye, No, Momma, Dadda, Baby, All done, Ahwo (hello, phone use only!) Uh-oh, Tank-ooh, and perhaps a few more that I am forgetting. She said that was great, that at 15 months they like to see children speaking at least 2 - 3 words besides Momma and Dadda.

So of course I thought of Kibby, who had virtually no speech until about 21 months. I think she is still behind, and am still thinking of getting her evaluated by the school district. More on that later. But I just want to say that I don't think it is so much her speech as her language. I used to confuse the two, but I think she is fairly average (for her age) with her ability to say word sounds correctly, although she may need some assistance there, too. The main issue I see is in her use (or often non-use or mis-use) of language. I've used the example of when I ask her a question. Here is a typical conversation in our house:

Me: "Kibby, did you fall down?

Kibby: I fall down!

Me: Do you get an owie?

Kibby: I get an owie!

Me: Where is your owie?

Kibby: Where is my owie!

Me: I know you have an owie. Show Mommy where it is, please.

Kibby: Show Mommy where it is.

Me: Kibby, where is your owie?

Kibby: Where is my owie!

Me: Does your knee hurt?

Kibby: My knee hurts!

Me: Does your head hurt?

Kibby: My head hurts!

Me: Does your dinosaur hurt? (just to see if she is thinking about what she is saying or not!)

Kibby: My dinosoar hurt!

Me: (going for yet another approach, pointing to her knee) Does it hurt here?

Kibby: It hurts here!

And on it will go, no matter where I point to. So unless she has an obvious owie, I have NO idea! And she will often ask for an ice pack if she gets an owie, however I have noticed that she will always hold it on the back of her head, even if that is not where the owie is. I think it's her security blanket.

I wish she'd just ask for a hug or kiss! That one I can do! (and usually do anyway! I just wish that "fixed it" for her!)

To be clear, this is just one example - its not that she gets hurt all the time!! However, I admit the slightest bump seems to call for an ice pack in her mind...

More news and updates are coming... and hopefully some more pictures. :)


Anonymous said...

I am sure it would be worth having your school district do an evaluation. I notice you live in Minnesota - you may be entitled to free preschool education or therapy.

Ter said...

i think it would be a good idea to have her evaluated even if all it does is rule things out. :)

Sarah said...

Maddie was, and still is a small peanut, too.
It is so hard to know if kids should get checked out. Caleb had excellent speech, and clear as a bell. Maddie is having a harder time forming her words correctly.
Kibby just may need more time to get it, too. You will know what to do when the time is right.