Monday, April 13, 2009

And here they are, in random order

So, I promised pics! Here they are, in random order! Enjoy!

Ethan lost his first tooth!

My sister, carrying Ruby in the Snuggli! She carried her halfway around IKEA like this!

Kibby, laughing at... Hm, I can't remember... (It was February - long time ago!)

Ruby enjoying her first homemade chocolate chip cookie (even though she looks a little unsure here!)

And I just thought this was a hoot. Cracks me up, so I had to share! :)

That's all Blogger would let me upload into one post, since I didn't take the time to re-size the photos! More coming sooooon!


jpandtheboys said...

I never resize my pictures and I usually upload quite a bit?? That seems odd. Anyway, it's so fun to see pictures of your beautiful family. I am so happy that we have been able to reconnect. We need to get together. :) I miss you too!

Momma Mango said...

I think what happened is that it only let me upload 5 at a time, but if I went back a second time it would have let me upload more. I forgot about that until my second post, when I tried it and it worked. Still, my pics are usually well over 1MB each... I think its because of my camera settings, and I don't want to change them. ;)

Girl Child said...

oh they are GREAT pics.. how funny was ur sister carrying her around IKEA like that?! Have you seen that commercial where someone is carrying a grown man in one of those?? I forget what the commercial was for but it's hysterical! All the pics are great.. i love little girls in pig tails.. so adorable! Or the pony tail atop of baby girl's head.. love it!! I'm a tad jealous.. i think i might go put Ethan's little bit of hair in a clip right now! hehe

Sarah said...

I love the bucket photo! :) I think that Kibby looks a lot like her mom!