Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Strange Knocking

This morning I was trying to get my kids settled back into bed around 8AM, after changing Ruby's diaper and cuddling Kibby a bit. I was really hoping I could get another hour of sleep because I didn't sleep well at work last night.

When I was about to crawl into my bed I heard a quiet knocking coming from somewhere near my closet. I went over to investigate, thinking Ethan was trying to play a trick on Mommy. Nobody in the closet. I checked on Ethan. Sleeping in his bed. No knocking coming from him!

I kept hearing it, so I went out into the living room and listened, then back to my room to listen... and still, I heard the soft but insistent knocking. What the heck?

I was beginning to get really puzzled (and a little scared!) I went downstairs, below where my closet was and listened. The sound was definitely coming from up, not down... so I headed back to my room. (By this time the girls were sitting up, looking at me and wondering what in the world I was doing.) I still heard the noise, so I called Seth at work.

I think he thought I was bonkers.

I described what I was hearing and where it seemed to be coming from. I said, "maybe it's an animal in our attic or something? At least I hope it's an animal.... and not a person!" He kinda laughed at that. The only way in or out of our attic (that is big enough for a person to fit) is through the door in the ceiling in our hallway.

Okay, so yes, it makes sense that its NOT a person. But it sure SOUNDS like one.

Or an animal. What do I know?

I took a hanger and hit the ceiling in my closet. More thumping. I hit the wall next to the ceiling, this time a bit harder. I heard sort of a scurry / hopping noise. Whatever it was was moving away from my closet area.

So after Seth says he's not worried about it, I said what any logical woman would say.

"I'm calling (the neighbor)!"

So I called our neighbors, and the husband was nice enough to take a look around the outside of our house, and offered to look up in our attic, even. (I said, "no, that's ok..." I'd hate for him to be bit by some crazed, scared-out-of-it's-mind squirrel!)

So, finally, at 9:00, I settled my girls once again, and crawled into bed. And I heard it again. Irritating. I laid awake wondering what kind of animal it could be. Probably a squirrel... hopefully not a rat... yes, probably a squirrel...

So now what? I decided to just forget it and try to nap... and eventually I did.

Later, I called my parents and got some ideas from them about how to get the animal out of the attic. My dad suggested a trap. My mom and I laughed about the scene from the Great Outdoors movie where John Candy and Dan Akroyd tried to capture a bat in their vacation lodge... ahh, funny movie... but we're not going try their method. :)

So what did we end up doing?

Absolutely nothing! (yet!)

When Seth got home from work, I took off and spent the evening at the mall with a friend of mine who was giddy with some exciting news and I forgot all about it! Until getting home and getting the kids to bed...

Now I wonder how well we'll all sleep tonight... But I'm off to bed, so I guess I'll find out!


movingforwardandhappily said...

Ok wow you are much more brave then I. I would have wanted the "critter" out of my house I don't think I could have slept until it was. Happy hunting.

Ter said...

hope you figure out who's knockin'! :)

Ace said...

Even though unrealistic, I always think someone got in the house somehow whenever I hear any kind of noise.

Allison said...

oooh I can't wait to find out what it really is!

lately we've been hearing some unusual noises in our house (although nothing near as "obvious") and it freaks me out too. spring must be on its way with all the living things emerging from hibernation....(yikes!)

jpandtheboys said...

I think I would have had an accident in my pants! That would have freaked me out, I don't handle people hanging out and knocking on walls in my house! I, mean, animals... yep animals!! ;)

jpandtheboys said...

PS. next time just sing "keep on knocking but you can't come in." haha....

pam said...

I hope it is a squirrel as well. My sister had a raccoon for a visitor. It did so much damage to her roof, she has to get a new one!