Monday, April 13, 2009


Since I've been so good about finding time to get pics on here lately (uh... yeah, that was a little sarcasm...) I decided to upload more right away lest the days and weeks get away from me once again.

Or I lose my USB cable again.

Which was, of all places, in the camera bag in our bedroom.

No wonder I couldn't find it!! Seth put it away where it belongs! ;)

When we returned from IKEA, Ruby decided this looked pretty cozy.

Not to be outdone by little sister... Love the cheesy grin.

This was the only shot I got of all 3 on Easter. Well, that's not true... it's the only one where you can see all their faces and nobody is crying buckets.

Ah, yes. The crying...

Looking for eggs! (This was before the crying!)

Happy again, post-crying, swinging with Daddy!

(See more pics in previous post!)


pam said...

Don't you love it, how tears always seem to accompany a holiday?!

They do look very cute:)

Wendy said...

Too cute... I actually love the raw reality of the crying pic... so full of life! :-) Hope you're feeling well these days...

Sarah said...

I love the photos! Cute bag pic! What is a child photo without tears? :) JK
I love the one of girly with her daddy! :) Happy (belated) Easter! Haven't chatted with you in awhile! I hope you are feeling well! I am sorry that I didn't mail the video yet. I will try to do that soon!