Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beef Salad

I don't typically post recipes on my blog, but since I love food, and I know lots of other people do, too... well, I decided it was high time to post a recipe on here already! :)

This one is technically my hubby's specialty. It's one of our favorites and is great for the Summer grilling months!

Beef Salad (Cambodian - style)

1. Grill up some steak. Don't overcook it.

2. While steak is grilling, slice up your veggies. (Or maybe you could have someone else slice them so your steak doesn't burn. Um, not that that has ever happened to us.) ;) We use cucumber, red onion, green, red and/or yellow bell peppers, tomato, mushrooms, fresh basil and cilantro. Put veggies aside in a large bowl.

3. Make the sauce. My hubby always does this part, so I don't know exact amounts, as he never measures. Play around with it till you get the taste you like. He sautes some finely chopped garlic in a bit olive oil, then turns off the heat and adds a bunch of fr
esh squeezed lime juice and some fish sauce. You'll want enough sauce to marinate your cooked steak and to coat your veggies just a bit. (*Note: If you're not used to fish sauce, yes, it will stink when you pour it in. Do NOT sniff the bottle! Ha! But trust me, you need it in there, and it makes the dish so yummy!)

4. Slice up your steak into thin strips and marinate for 10+ minutes in the sauce. Add all (including sauce) to fresh veggies, stir to blend, and serve with Jasmine rice. (If you like it spicier, as my hubby and his brother do, you can add some of those little tiny red or green asian peppers - I don't know their real name, s
orry - thinly sliced, but be warned that they add quite the kick!)

5. ENJOY! :)


pam said...

I have never used fish sauce, so I would be a little nervous.

It does look good!

Momma Mango said...

The fish sauce isn't as scary as I made it sound... As long as you don't sniff the bottle. :) Most people have probably had it in dishes at restaurants if they've ever eaten at a Thai or other southeastern asian restaurant.

The salad doesn't taste fishy, either! :)