Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthdays and the Poop Deck

Saturday was Ethan's 7th birthday! He was so excited to open his presents, but was majorly bummed out that it was so cold and rainy, and it didn't let up all weekend. He did go to a friend's house on his birthday for a party they were having for their 5-year-old, and then he chose McDonald's for his birthday dinner. (Surprise surprise!) On the way home we stopped to pick up some cheesecake because he wanted that instead of a traditional cake.

Here are a couple of pics from his birthday! :)

Note the pained expression on Kibby's face. She wasn't a bit upset that all of the presents were for Ethan! ;)

Here Kibby is trying to get the present away from Ruby. She is saying, "No Ruby, that's ETHAN'S!!!"

Here is Ethan with 95% of his presents. Note how they are mostly outdoor gifts. Whoops. Didn't know it would rain all weekend long!

Yesterday was my birthday, and although I am used to it raining on my birthday (when I was a kid, it seemed it always rained on my birthday, and it even flooded our street a couple of times - which was actually fun because all the kids went out to play in the water!) However, I didn't care much for the 50-degree temps! A bit chilly for June, even in the northern midwest!

We decided at the last minute to go out to eat, and piled the kids in the car and went to Carlos O'Kelly's. (It was either that or Applebee's, and since there wasn't a parking place left at Applebee's, Carlos O'Kelly's it was!) We pigged out on chips and salsa (I love their salsa!) and I have enough leftovers from my meal for lunch today. Love that.

A man at a nearby table must have also been celebrating his birthday, because suddenly the waitstaff was surrounding his table and clapping and singing to him... Ethan caught my eye and then looked at Seth and asked something about if they were going to do that for Mommy. Well, at the end of our meal, Seth announced to our waitress that it was my birthday, and she asked if we wanted the singing, that that was how you could get the free fried ice cream. I kinda shook my head and said, "not really..." and then Seth piped up that it was Ethan's birthday yesterday, and they could sing to him instead. So they did, and Ethan ended up being the one who was embarrassed! :) Ha! So much for trying to "get" Mommy! We all shared the fried ice cream, and headed back out in the rain to go home.

Then we decided to torture our bellies again an hour and a half later and have some more cheesecake.

Maybe today should be a salad day.



Here we have...

...a picture of Kibby's "pet" Mourning Dove. He or she sits on our deck serveral times a day, for long periods of time. Kibby has come to think of the bird as her little feathered friend. I am starting to think of our deck as the "poop deck." Also, this particular picture reminds me of some of the illustrations from Mo Willems' books, "Don't Let the Pigeon _______". (Yes, I know this isn't a pigeon, but there is a strange resemblance, no? Do you see it?)


jpandtheboys said...

Happy Birthday Friend! You should have let them sing to you, it's only once a year!! JK. Seriously Don did that to me last year at Applebee's and I was mad at him. He told them while I was in the bathroom so I wasn't expecting it and I was really embarrassed. I don't like that sort of thing.

pam said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!
Be sure to drop in and enter to win!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan! He shares a birthday with Treyson. How cool!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthdays... Ethan and Susan too!