Monday, June 1, 2009

Speaking of speaking...

Ruby has been working on her talking skills lately, so I thought I'd share some! I don't think I could make a complete list of all the words she says now because there are so many! But here are some:

nose, baby, Bibby (Kibby), Heetan (Ethan), Mommy, Daddy, aw done, eat, yay, wow, uh oh, Bumpa (grandpa), Nana (Grandma OR banana), Bobbie, eows (ears), chitchen (chicken), appo (apple), chees (cheese), go, bye, cheets (cheeks), shoos (shoes), socks, Pooh, peek, no, nigh-nigh (night night), bow (ball), doos (juice), nice, beebo (belly button), to-ees (toes), guh guoh (good girl)...

**Edited to include: Peas (please), tankoo (thank you), muk (milk), book, cookie, too-tee-foe (two three four), cackaw (cracker), bubbosh (bubbles), potty, Ewmo (Elmo).

She is also trying to say phrases like "Where are you?" which usually sounds like "ay-aw-you?" all blended together like one word. When she wants to know where someone is, she asks, "ay (name of person)?" Everyday she says something new, and to be honest, I think I forgot how fast they pick things up because Kibby didn't talk until she was nearly 2! (Ethan, on the otherhand, has always been a chatterbox!) :)

Speaking of Kibby, I've been trying to call to schedule her Early Childhood Evaluation / Screening, and whenever I do, nobody answers, and there is no voicemail, so I let the phone ring about 20 times and then hang up. Frustrating! I'm going to do a little research online today and see what I can find out. And I'll keep calling! Eventually somebody has to answer, right? Once I get her evaluated I'll post how it went and what (if anything) we find out about her language development!


Here is my Ruby, the big talker herself, eating raisins and acting silly!

So photogenic! :)


Alicia said... two youngest still sounds like babies sometimes! It's so cute!

By the way, I found your blog through Danielle! She designed my blog 3 times and I was scoping out her portfolio one day!!

Love your blog, and your kids are super cute!!!

pam said...

Don't give up. I have had Jillian in speech therapy, and it has done wonders for her. It was only seven months ago that she hardly ever spoke a word, it is exciting to listen to her talk.

jpandtheboys said...

So so so cute. I just love the first picture.

Wendy said...

I love the phonetic spelling of all the words she's saying... I can almost picture her saying them! Too cute!