Saturday, October 25, 2008

She calls them WHAT?

*Ok, so I wrote this yesterday but forgot to publish it!
My kids are always surprising me with the words that come out of their mouths. Last night Ethan and Kibby were playing tug-o-war with some toy and Kibby was crying and shrieking and suddenly screamed, "Give it to her! Give it to her!!!" (Hm, where has she heard that?) This shouldn't surprise me. It really shouldn't. That's Kibby. She loves to be a little echo!

Which can be a really bad thing sometimes!

A funny story: Well, it wasn't so funny when it happened, but it's something we laugh about now! We were grocery shopping and Kibby was riding in the cart. I put a container of prunes in the cart, out of her reach, because she loves them. She saw them, and started reaching for them, yelling, "I WANT SOME POOP, Mommy!!"

Yes, she calls them "poop" instead of prunes. Seth has told her that eating the prunes will help her poop, and somewhere in her 2-year-old brain, she has the words mixed up.

So she is screaming this in the store, and of course I just want to hide! People were looking. Maybe staring. I don't know, I avoided all eye contact.

It probably didn't sound any better when I told her, "Yes, just wait 'til we get home!"

I will continue posting these stories from time to time. It's "movie night" tonight so I need to help find the movie and get the kids' jammies on, etc.

Tomorrow is Ruby's First Birthday! Check back for pictures!


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