Sunday, November 2, 2008

Birthday Party!

Yesterday we celebrated Ruby's birthday with her first birthday party. Nana and Bumpa, Auntie Bobbie and cousin Isaiah came from Wisconsin, and Auntie Christina and Uncle Prany and cousins Jordan and Autumn were here as well. We ate yummy Bilotti's Pizza, and I made MckMama's Corn and Bean Salad, and of course spinach artichoke dip! I think Ruby liked the cake the best, though!

She also had fun opening some presents:

Happy Birthday, Ruby sweetie!

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Sarah said...

She is adorable, Susan! Birthday parties are so fun for our kids~ well, for us, too!

Thanks for your comment! I have had these comments with other pregnancies, too...but it is always weird. :) Have a super day! Is it snowing down there? We got some snow today, and I think it is super fun!