Friday, November 21, 2008

I love my Crock Pot

Ok, so I started following this wonderful blog that I'm sure some of you have heard about - A Year of Crockpotting. Some of you probably even follow it too! :) It's great! I love to use my Crock Pot because you can usually just throw in the ingredients and forget it until dinnertime. Then, even if your husband comes home late (which mine of course never does) dinner is hot and ready whenever!

So, I have been using my Crock Pot a little more than usual lately. I do tend to use it more in the colder months anyway, but I am finding some cool recipes for the warmer months, too. You know, for those hot & humid days when you really don't want to use your oven! Before, I thought of it as mainly a stew / soup / roast cooker. But not anymore!

Last week I made some wild rice and lentil soup, my own concoction. It wasn't bad, but got very thick by the next day for leftovers, so I needed to add water. And the rice split, puffed and curled to the point where it looked like miniature snails. Not the most appealing... I also made a chicken stew. Today I am cooking a whole chicken. However, I am looking forward to trying some of her breakfast recipes and her recipe for granola. Yum.

My son is begging me to stop writing so I can make him some hot chocolate. Because he "is starving". Right. I'd better go make it. Would hate for his body to waste away from hot chocolate deprivation! ;)

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Anonymous said...

mmm I've got to get back in the groove of using my crockpot more often--it IS so easy and you just can't beat having the kitchen clean by early afternoon. I'm just a horrible meal planner lately and can't seem to wrap my brain around a meal that's still 8 hours in the future-! nice to find your blog!