Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Hooray for Mondays... well, hooray for Not Me Monday, at least. Read mine, write some of your own, and don't forget to hop over to MckMama's to read everyone else's too! :)

This week I did not contemplate, at least once a day, my sanity for living in the cold cold north. The weather here is lovely and shivering is my specialilty anyway, right?

Speaking of shivering, while we were backing out of our driveway on our way to church yesterday and the temps were hovering around 40, our son did not say, "Hey! I don't even need to shiver!! ...And it's Winter!!"

Of course I did not wake up to sub-zero temps and a wind-chill advisory this morning, either.

Also, I did not skip breakfast before church yesterday morning, because we all woke up with plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast of eggs and pancakes... of course.

So I absolutely did not scarf down 4 (ok, 5) Glazers donuts yesterday afternoon.
Because donuts are bad for you and I am not a hibernating bear... I know I don't need to store up fat for the winter!

I am certainly not contemplating having another donut. That would be selfish... and gluttonous... and I am definitely neither!

What did you NOT do this week? ;)


Midwest Mommy said...

Ok we must live in the same region...same here. Yesterday high 40's today 5.

The Popes said...

I do not miss shivering. For real, I don't!

Julie said...

What is it with cold temps & eating? Cold days make me want to veg on the couch with lots of junk food. Gotta love the sweaters that cover it up the aftermath!

Sarah said...

You are a hoot, Susan! I could definitely NOT eat an entire box of donuts right now...especially being NOT preggo. :)~