Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things I Will / Will Not Miss, Zack Day 3

Today I was looking around my house, and I realized that in a few years, my house will look drastically different. I am really looking forward to it. Even if we stay in the same house, I will be able to put stuff down at toddler level because I won't have toddlers anymore! I won't have to stack everything up high, and our Christmas tree(s) will be able to be on the floor again... not on little tables and such.

This led me to start thinking of all the things I will not miss about this time in my life... such as:

*Diapers. Enough said.

*potty-training. This kind goes along with the first...

*sippy cups. I hate washing them, and they don't seem to come clean in the washer. All those little crevices... ugh.

*baby toys all over my living room floor. (Ok, so it will be a few more years before I'll be completely rid of all toys from the floor, but we'll be able to get rid of a lot!)

*separate food for baby. This is already getting better, as Ruby is starting to eat more and more of what we eat...

*door knob covers

*baby gates

*drawer latches

*listening to a scream / cry / whine instead of words.

*our ripped up loveseat that the kids destroyed (although I think this is going bye-bye very soon!)

*booster seats at the table

*booster / car seats

These are just the things I can think of just in the last few minutes.
Of course there are also things I will miss:

*The girls letting me do their hair in cute litte ponytails. (Hopefully I will still have a few more years of this!)

*snuggling time

*tiny toes

*footie jammies

*all those cute little baby sounds (no, not the crying and screaming!)

*first words

*cute little clothes

*the look on their faces everytime they discover something new

*Nap time!

*watching them waddle around on little stubby legs

I'm sure there is lots more... But no matter what I will or will not miss, time isn't going to stop, so I guess I should just enjoy the days we have!

Diapers and all?

Well... maybe not the diapers... but you gotta love this:

and this:

and the ponytails!

And for those of you curious-types... here is Zack on Day 3. I think he is trying to remind me that I need to hang my valance back up! It's only been months since I took it down and washed it! ;)


Sarah said...

Yes, those things will not be missed, and I can understand/relate. We are starting all over with the "baby" stuff again in a month! I wonder if this will be the last run through with the baby stuff for us...

Children are such a blessing!

Then, we get double blessed with grandkids, so all the "stuff" comes back~ hopefully. :)

Love the ponies!! How fun!

That is a fun hideout for Zack!

Momma Mango said...

Yeah, hopefully peple who read this know that I love my kids and all of that stuff I mentioned is TOTALLY worth it... I was just struck by how different my life will be in few years.
Um, unless we decide to have another baby! (But we are leaning definitely, way toward no!) ;)

And yes, I DO believe children are a blessing. I thank God for mine every. single. day. :)

Sarah Schieber said...

Your kids are absolutely beautiful! Bless you as you enjoy ALL the good, bad and ugly :-) of diapers and pigtails.