Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It's Not Me Monday time! :) Visit MckMama's to read all about how to join in, and then spend the day reading some funny funny stuff!
This week:
I did not consider taking notes on all the "Not Me"-worthy-moments so I would not forget them when I am frantically trying to type them up quickly on a Monday morning after getting home from work and before my son has to get on the bus.
I have not almost forgotten to wake up my son for school a couple of times because I was busy writing my Not Me's! That would be waaaaay too irresponsible!!
I did not at all regret telling my family that we would all camp out in the living room on Saturday night. I did not want to shred the kids' elephant tent about 374 times that evening because the kids did not knock the thing over on it's side about a dozen times and they did not fight over who got to go in or out, and then of course certainly did not fight about what was or wasn't allowed inside... oh my head still hurts...
I was not at all glad that Friday was a snow day and Ethan got to stay home. And if I were, it would not have been because I had another helper with the girls... no, it would have been because I could spend some more quality time with my son, naturally.
I have not procrastinated on any of the following, no matter what you may hear:
*Christmas baking. Yes, Santa will have cookies. Or at least cookie dough. Or at least a handful of chocolate chips.
*Hanging up the last of the Christmas decorations. This would include the crocheted snowflakes for my tree, some garland that goes who-knows-where, and the Christmas stockings. Of course everything is in it's place and ready for Christmas day!
*Christmas cards. Oh who am I kidding? I never get around to sending them!
*Wrapping gifts.
*Shopping for those last 2 gifts I need to get.
*Laundry. oh wait, that's every week. Cuz I'm always on top of that...
And now, I am certainly not going to eat more fudge, even though I ate nearly a half a pan yesterday by myself. Oh, wait, no, I did not, that's right...
What did you not do this week? ;)


blueviolet said...

I love it. Reading not me's makes me feel so much less guilty about my life.

jpandtheboys said...

***HUGS*** To you my friend! Have a blessed Christmas!!

Ter said...

Hi, I would like to thank you for following our cancer blog the last few months. I am just now trying to get to know everyone who was "following" us and now I am following you with my regular blog. Thank you again for all your support over the last couple months.


Sarah said...

These posts are so comical to read and I am happy you do them! You have great "not me" blog fodders! :)

today is the present said...

Where are your not me's for today? I loved reading the others! Sounds like you and I have similar appetites ;) and the same good intentions regarding Christmas cards!